Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I have Cerebral Palsy.   My body gives me hard a time. It doesn’t want to do what I want it to do.  My body is stiff because my muscles are tight. My doctor told me about the baclofen pump. She told me it will help me move better and control my body. I scheduled an appointment to do the surgery to get the pump. On September 9, 2009, I had the surgery to put my pump in my body. After the surgery my body got more stiff instead of less stiff. I had to go through a lot of therapy. I had to take more medicine. I’m better now but I still have a hard time making my body do what I want it to do. I’m not happy because the pump was supposed to calm my muscles down and it didn’t do that. Sometimes when I can’t do things I get angry. Sometimes I want to cry but I don’t because it’s not worth it.